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Construction. Redefined.™ Founded by company President,
Mary Tappouni in 1997, Breaking Ground Contracting
is a commercial and institutional general contractor who has
been redefining construction for over ten years. Our team is rich and diverse in both its culture and experience. Our employees have a minimum of 15 years experience in their respective fields, and have specialized experience beyond general construction. This includes mechanical contracting, commissioning, estimating, project management, education and training. We use our diversity and experience to enrich each project and offer consultation to our clients and partners.

Breaking Ground did an excellent job working with the structural engineers on modifications to the plans to accomplish the desired results. The craftsmanship and finish work on the project
woodwork was done with an obvious pride of doing high-quality
work in a public park location.

James H. Ross, Jr., Planning Manager

DEP, Bureau of Design and Construction

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